Last updated: Apr 1, 2017.

Intelligent Sensing Laboratory Chukyo University

Hashimoto Laboratory


 Thank you for visiting the homepage of the Hashimoto Lab.
 At the Hashimoto Lab, while advancing research and development on artificial intelligence (AI) for intelligent robots, we are particularly focusing on advanced sensing technology. In recent times, 3D object recognition, ultrahigh-speed image matching, and facial-expression recognition and behavior recognition have been drawing attention.
 The fundamental policy of the lab is to apply science in response to problems that accompany the actual needs of the industrial world. What’s more, as an institution of higher education, we believe our greatest mission is to nurture outstanding human resources through the hands-on R&D process.
 We appreciate your ever-changing guidance and encouragement concerning our continuous endeavors aiming to keep our R&D lab constantly evolving.
April 1, 2017

Professor Manabu Hashimoto
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering , School of Engineering
Chukyo University,