Last updated: March 1, 2011.

101 Tokodachi, Kaizu-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi,
470-0393 Japan.

Hashimoto Laboratory
Dept. of Mechanics and Information Technology
School of Information Science and Technology
Chukyo University

Chukyo university has two main campuses, in Yagoto(Nagoya) and Toyota.

Hashimoto Lab. is on the 8th floor of Building No.18 in Toyota campus.

To the Main Gate of Toyota Campus

By Train  3 routes available.

 The nearest station of the campus is Josui st. of Meitetsum or Kaizu st. of Aichi Kanjo Railway.
  1. From Nagoya st.   (2 routes available.)
    • To Fushimi st. by Higashiyama line of subway → Change the train to Tsurumai line at Fushimi st. And get off the train at Akaike st. → Change the train to Toyota line of Meitetsu at Akaike st.Get off the train at Josui st. → Get on the free School Bus to the campus.
      [approx. 60min from Nagoya st. to Univ.]
    • To Kozoji st. by Chuo line of JR → Change the train to Aichi Kanjo railway at Kozoji st. Get off the train at Kaizu st. → Walk for 10min to the campus.

  2. From Toyota-shi st.

  3. From Shin-Toyota st.
    • Use Aichi Kanjo railway and Get off the train at Kaizu st. → Walk to the campus.

By Car

  • Use the Tomei highway, and get off at Nagoya IC, go to east on the Sanage Greenroad
  • Next, turn right at Yakusa IC, and turn left at Homicho Tsukahara.
  • Finally, when you turn left at Kaizu cho Teppou Hazama , you can find the main gate of the campus.
    [approx. 40min from Nagoya IC]
  • ※Parking space for guests is available. Please ask guard person in main gate.

Access to Univ.  Train  Meitetsu  Aichi Kanjo railway  Map  Route

From the Main Gate to the ISL